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Educational Kit for Jharkhand

10,000.00 7,800.00

Snake And Ladder

Material of board thick board with lamination
Size of board(inch x inch) 16 x 16
Weight of board(in gms) 36
Number of pieces available 1
Number of dices available 2
Colours used for printing on board green
Quantity per kit(snake and ladder) 2
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Snake And Ladder

Material of board thick board with lamination
Size of board(inch x inch) 16 x 16
Weight of board(in gms) 36
Number of pieces available 1
Number of dices available 2
Colours used for printing on board green
Quantity per kit(snake and ladder) 2

Picture Chart

Plastic laminated sheet with glue Yes
Size(cm x cm) 41.5 x 58.5
Type of pictures hindi varnamala
Picture in chart shall be embossed and have attractive colors Yes
Quantity per kit 2

Activity Book

Paper used Maplitho
Size of sheet in book A4
GSM of paper 70
Number of pages in book(Min) 30
Brightness of paper(in percent) 85
Each page shall be printed with outline drawings of animals,alphabets,fruits etc Yes
Number of Colours used in printing 4
Number of books in a kit 900

Wax Crayons

Material of crayon polyethylene wax
If any other,mention the material NO
Length of crayon(in cm) 10
Diameter of crayon(in cm) 1
Crayons shall be water resistant Yes
Crayons shall be Individually paper wrapped Yes
Crayons shall be non-toxic Yes
Quantity per kit(wax crayons) 15

Illustrated Story Books

Size of book(inch x inch) 11 x 9
GSM of paper(books) 130
Types of book alphabet writing practice
Multicolour printing used Yes
Binding shall be back to back pasted and laminated Yes
Number of story books in a kit 4

Rolling Wooden Toy/Duck

Material(toy/duck) MDF printed with paint
Dimensions(in cm) 11 x 5 x 11
Weight(in gms) 175
Shape of toy Duck
Ringing sound while playing Yes
Number of metal bell present inside the roller 1
Size of metal ball 2
Quantity of toy in pack 1

Pretend/Cut Vegetable And Fruits Kitchen Set

Total pieces in a set(12 half cut fruits+12 half cut vegetables+1 board +1 knife) 26
Material of board(for kitchen set) virgin grade HD plastic
Size of board(in cm) 9.5 x 6.5
Length of knife 12
Types of fruits and vegetables apple
Two different colours shall be used inside and outside for the board Yes
Minimum size from one side of any fruit & vegetable shall be minimum 5 point 5 cm and for lemon minimum size shall be 4cm Yes
Quantity of set in a kit 1

Domestic Animal Toy

Material(domestic toy) HD plastic
Size of each animal(cm) 4.5
Each packet shall have the following animals:cow,goat,dog,ca,donkey and sheep Yes
Quantity of toy in a Kit 1

Stack Rings

Material (stack rings) virgin grade Plastic
Size of the tower(in inch) 12
Diameter of base(in cm) 14
Diameter of largest ring(in cm) 12.5
The largest ring will recede upto 8cm diameter Yes
Number of coloured rings 7
On the top of the tower a duck faced cap shall be provided to lock the rings together,covered by net cover Yes

Alphabet Sets

Material(alphabet set) Plastic
Size of set(inch) 2
Types of set Hindi
Number of colours used 8
Sets of numbers in English shall be 0 to 9 numbers in each sets Yes
Number of sets in a kit 2

Shapes And Sizes

Material(of shapes and sizes) virgin grade plastic
Shapes rectangle
Size of shapes 3
Thickness of shapes(in cm) 1.5
Colour of shapes Red
Quantity of shapes per kit 6

Abacus With Slate And Chalk Pencil

Material of slate virgin grade plastic
Thickness of plastic(in mm) 0.1
Size of writing portion of the slate( cm x cm) 27 x 21.5
The opposite side of the writing portion shall consist of 10 rows of plastic beads (15 mm dia), starting with 10 beads in the first row and 09 beads in the second row and so on with a hole in the centre so that the beads can slide up and down in the all 10 plastic rods 12
Length of each rod(in cm) 18
Thickness of each rod(in mm) 5
Total number of beads with attractive asserted columns in each rod 55
Size of the frame(cm x cm x cm) 27.5 x 21.5 x 2.00
Entire assembly shall be made of plastic with a handle on top and no metal parts used whatsoever + – 5% variation allowed in dimension Yes
The molded school chalk shall be duly packed in paper board containers Yes
Number of white chalk sticks 20
Quantity of abacus in a kit 1

Building Blocks

Material of block virgin grade Plastic
Types of Set(blocks) 80
Colour(blocks) red
Weight of one Set of 80 blocks(in gms) 80
Weight of one Set of 90 blocks(in gms) 90
Weight of one Set of 120 blocks(in gms) 120
Number of rounds per block 5
Base(block) (in mm) 28 x 28
Base Height(in mm) 17
Upper Rounds(Block)(in mm)(H x D) 10 x 9
Number of pieces in a set 180
Quantity of blocks in a kit 1

Lace Board

Material of lace board hardboard
Size of board(inchx inch) 12 X 8
Shape of board square
Number of laces used 5
Colour of lace violet
Pattern made MDF BOARD
Quantity of lace baord in a kit 1

Soft Football

Material of football Rubber
Diameter of ball(inch) 7
Weight of football(in gms) 100
Football shall be inflated with air Yes
Ball shall be water resistant Yes
Quantity of football in a kit 1

Soft Ball

Material of ball foam
Diameter of ball(in inch) 2.5
Weight of ball(in gms) 100
Colours of ball red
Quantity of ball in a kit 6

Portable Blackboard With Chalks

Material of board(portable) hard board
Material of frame aluminium alloy
Size of board(ft x ft x inch) 3 x 2 x 1/2
Frame width(in mm) 20
Backsurface coating thickness of sheet(min) 7.5
Both the sides of board shall be covered with black board paint Yes
Conforming to Indian Standards IS 4222 : Latest (Colour Chalk) Yes
Availability of Test Report from Central Govt/NABL/ILAC accredited lab to prove conformity to specification No
Test Report Number (Write NA if test report is not available) NA
Test Report Date (Write NA if test report is not available) NA
Name of the Lab (Write NA if test report is not available) NA
Address of the Lab (Write NA if test report is not available) NA
Colour of chalk blue
Length of Single Chalk Stick (mm) 80
Weight of Chalk Box (gm) 4
Quantity of board in a kit 1
Number of packets of chalk in a kit 2

Other Parameters For The Kit

Packaging Type Carton
Wall Type of carton Double Wall – 5 Ply
Shape of carton Rectangle
Color of carton brown
The word ICDS Jharkhand shall be printed on the corrugated carton Yes
All the items of the Pre School kit should be packed separately and kept in a carton Yes
A leaflet in Hindi containing the instruction of “How to use the kit” must be provided by the supplier alongwith each kit Yes
The bidder shall submit non-toxic certificate for all plastic made items Yes
Tolerance clause shall be ±10% Yes


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